Tailoring Shop Management System

Tailoring Shop Management System

We have developed this desktop application for catering the management needs of tailoring shops. It manage the customers, booking, workers wages, suppliers and give instant status report of jobs in processing.

Key Features:

  1. Registration of the customers. Customers can be search by Registration number or name or phone number.
  2. Database of customers measurements. Each customers measurement will be recorded
  3. While booking the system will show the measurement of the customers and if not recorded earlier, can be added with a few clicks
  4. Each booked job will be available in a list to send cutter and tailor. The system will record the wages of this job in respective cutter and tailor account automatically. Status of a tailoring job in hand will instantly be available..
  5. Complete inventory control for readymade garments and clothes that the tailoring shop may have for sale. Stock, sale and purchase reports will be available.
  6. System will maintain the suppliers and accounts and payment record.
  7. System will maintain the customers account and will reflects previous outstanding, if any in new booking  receipt.

Download demo version

User manual

For user name send an email to akhtar@assersoft.com

Pricing (One time license fee)

Pakistan: Rs.20, 000

International: US $ 200

50% discount till 31 July 2021

Next Generation

Web application with new features and mobile app for customers will be available soon. Your feedback for new features will be welcomed.