Distribution ManagerDistribution Manager

Distribution Manager ideal software for management of distribution networks. Separate version of Distribution Manager is available for pharmaceutical industry in which invoices of sale and purchase are issued with expiary dates and batch numbers.

Distribution Manager is a desktop application which can ran on single computer and multiple computers on network. Our software is the best tool for anlyzing sales and sales trend area wise and accumulative.

Key Features

  1. Administrative and operator level login restrictions
  2. Manangement of area and sales man
  3. Management of products in multiple stores
  4. Orders, sales and recovery reports area wise and accumultaive
  5. Stock Report (with batch no. and expiry date in pharma version)
  6. Cash Book
  7. Profit and loss report
  8. Customers accounts
  9. Suppliers accounts
  10. Expnese account

Next Generation

Web application backed by mobile app for sales man is ready to impliment enabling to do all transactions in real time. For example,


  • Can take orders
  • Can issue delivery invoices
  • Can post recovery in customers account
  • Can receive returned products
  • No need to compile a report, all transactions reports already available to Distribution office in real time.