Practitioner Assistant for Medical Consultants

Practitioner Assistant software for Medical Consultants

This software is especially designed for medical practitioners for maintaining the record of the patients. It is user friendly software and easy to use software. It can be deployed in a Clinic/Polyclinic where appointments and billing can be done by Receptionist. A nurse or junior doctor desk may also added for preliminary examination.

Key Features:

  • It can mange your patients’ appointments
  • Do billing to your patients
  • Can record vital signs, symptoms, diagnosis, and Lab investigations for you
  • Let you know about the medicines that your have prescribed to your patients
  • Give graphical presentation of following of your patient’s last 10 visits, even these are with long intervals
      • Pulse
      • Blood Pressure
      • Temperature
      • Glucose and or any other investigations result that require regular monitoring
      • Weight